Common Issues In Neurodiverse Couples Coaching Include:
  • Having realistic expectations of each other.
  • Discussing the issues of a formal or self-diagnosis of autism/Aspergers.
  • Recognition and understanding of how autism/Aspergers effects the individual and the relationship.
  • Helping couples get to know how each thinks and perceives the world.
  • Improving and maintaining communication using specific and effective strategies.
  • How to spend quality time with each other.
  • Strategies for effective co-parenting.
  • Managing day to day routines and activities.
  • Communicating with each other about their intimacy and sexuality needs.
  • Strategies to help with emotion regulation, anxiety, anger and ADHD.
  • Developing and maintaining effective self care habits.

Jill’s 8 Week Program

A complete 8 week coaching program with Jill.
Includes 4 x 1hr fortnightly sessions over 8 weeks for $800 in total
Each $200 1hr session is paid for one at a time, not up front.

Although the 8 week program is recommended, one-off sessions can also be arranged.

The 4 Sessions Include:
  1. Understanding the neurology of neurodiverse relationships, how that can’t be changed but improved significantly with understanding of what each other needs and how each other works.
  2. How to do it using autism specific strategies that are simple, visual, easy to practise every day, even with busy lives and then lead onto the next skill. After learning a skill, you’ll keep it going, then add another skill, then keep it going etc.
  3. Understanding attachment styles and trauma from childhood through to your current primary relationship. Why communication fails and prevents couples from making amends that then leads to continued relationship distress and more family trauma.
  4. Learning specific and effective skills to communicate, monitoring anxiety levels, self-soothing and couple soothing, keeping communication simple but effective, learning how to talk about subjects that have been difficult to discuss in the past.
  5. Learning to repair past and presents conflicts effectively giving couples a better understanding of each other’s needs and how to get them met.

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” Since having only four sessions with Jill our relationship is doing great.
Things have improved so much. “

– S. and K. from Queensland 10/3/22

” My partner and I have loved working with Jill for the past few weeks .
We’ve both felt that the advice she’s given us and tips she’s provided are
easy to remember and extremely practical, which was key for us. She tries
hard to understand neurodiversity and expresses the differences in our
communication and thinking styles with clarity that made these sessions more
valuable than our previous couples counselling has been. Jill’s been
incredibly empathetic and non-judgemental throughout the process, and we’ve
loved her results-orientated approach – she really does want to equip us
with the right tools and send us on our way, better for it. We’ve also
admired her commitment to keeping up with the latest insights about
neurodiverse relationships. She’s even set out to do more research and find
additional resources when we had questions about a specific topic. “

– S. and B. from Victoria 9/3/22

” Jill is a true professional with many years of experience which shows
through in her coaching. She is a great listener and understands what is
needed to improve a neurodiverse relationship. I highly recommend having a
chat with her! “

– J. from N.S.W. 8/3/22