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Located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


” Since having only four sessions with Jill our relationship is doing great.
Things have improved so much. “

– S. and K. from Queensland 10/3/22

” My partner and I have loved working with Jill for the past few weeks .
We’ve both felt that the advice she’s given us and tips she’s provided are
easy to remember and extremely practical, which was key for us. She tries
hard to understand neurodiversity and expresses the differences in our
communication and thinking styles with clarity that made these sessions more
valuable than our previous couples counselling has been. Jill’s been
incredibly empathetic and non-judgemental throughout the process, and we’ve
loved her results-orientated approach – she really does want to equip us
with the right tools and send us on our way, better for it. We’ve also
admired her commitment to keeping up with the latest insights about
neurodiverse relationships. She’s even set out to do more research and find
additional resources when we had questions about a specific topic. “

– S. and B. from Victoria 9/3/22

” Jill is a true professional with many years of experience which shows
through in her coaching. She is a great listener and understands what is
needed to improve a neurodiverse relationship. I highly recommend having a
chat with her! “

– J. from N.S.W. 8/3/22