Coaching neurodiverse couples where autism/Asperger's is identified

What is a Neurodiverse couple?

Neurodiverse couples are when one partner is neurotypical – processes information the way most people do – and the other partner has a different neurological process, as is the case with someone with autism/Asperger’s. This different neurology impacts intimate relationships significantly since it includes very different perspectives, communication styles and other things that affect everyday living.

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Common issues In Neurodiverse couples coaching include:
  • Discussing the issues of a formal or self-diagnosis of autism/Aspergers.
  • Recognition and understanding of how autism/Aspergers effects the individual and the relationship.
  • Helping couples get to know how each thinks and perceives the world.
  • Improving and maintaining communication using specific and effective strategies.
  • Having realistic expectations of each other.
  • How to spend quality time with each other.
  • Strategies for effective co-parenting.
  • Managing day to day routines and activities.
  • Communicating with each other about their intimacy and sexuality needs.
  • Strategies to help with emotion regulation, anxiety, anger and ADHD.
  • Developing and maintaining effective self care habits.
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” My partner and I have loved working with Jill for the past few weeks. The tips and advice she’s given us are easy to remember and extremely practical, and her deep understanding of the differences in our communication styles have made these sessions much more valuable than couples counselling we had previously. Jill is incredibly empathetic and non-judgemental, and we’ve loved her results-orientated approach. She is is up-to-date with the latest insights and does her research to ensure all our questions are answered.”
– S. and B. from Victoria 9/3/22

” Jill’s knowledge of neurodiverse couples has been a breakthrough for us. She is incredibly knowledgeable, empathetic and understanding, and in turn allowed us to understand the patterns and pitfalls of our communication.”

” A wonderful neurodiverse couple coach who listens with no judgement. My partner and I always look forward to our sessions with Jill. Her life experience and evidenced-based approach makes it easy for me to understand my autistic partner’s behaviours and communication style.”